Arif Shahminan also known as Axulion, is a producer, musician and singer from Brunei Darussalam. He began producing when he decided to try and make music for himself at the age of 14 completely self-taught using the alias ‘GAZE’. Throughout the years, he finally made his first album ‘Out To The Window’ and one of the songs ‘Shatter’ got into the Best Of LMMS by the Linux Multimedia Studio community.

In 2018, His breakthrough came and won the first place of SKIO remix contest with his repositioning of “Coconut” produced by DJ Swivel and sung by James Kaye. Axulion published the remix as free download on Bandcamp.

on 2019, He debuted his first single ‘The One Like you’ & later on with 'Trust' for his upcoming Album ‘Home’ which scheduled to be released on 2020


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A single for my upcoming album 'Home'.

2nd single for my upcoming album. So glad I got to release this after so many years

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