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This song was written and recorded in China. I arrived with nothing but an SM57, an Mbox (1 input), my MBPro 2007 and one friend who loaned me their classical acoustic guitar. These songs came fast and I wanted them on tape so I borrowed instruments from expat's I met at bars in the city. I had no drum kit or percussive instruments, so the percussion is all recorded using things around the house, ie spoons, paper, fallen leaves outside the building, noodles in glass jars, etc... and was layered in such a way that it would produce a beat that tuned into soul and r&b music. This song is a great summery jam to chill out to or an after hours, slow burning Southern nightcap.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Garris


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dambro 1 year ago

WOW!! Nice track! Would you listen my indie song? :) https://skiomusic.com/dambro/dambro-hear


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