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Mr. S.P Ndlovu (Simpaul) is a founder and Chairman of Galaxy Version Media House Foundation as a thought leader in resumes industry. Simpaul combine a lifelong passion for media and community development with a recruiting expertise, global recognition, awards and diploma level credentials. He received his B.S and B.M from Alson International Academy which he still attending Simpaul believe getting more educated to drive his skills of supporting education programs in his community. From his trainings Mr. Ndlovu eventually started a Film Project with Mr. Malu where they got a chance to produce a Film call "Death in Anger" from the very same year he then joined Youngsters Community Projects where he earned a spot as a writer and Director in a Film call "Defense" which was produced by Mr. Mthethwa then that where they decided to start a Film Production Galaxy Version Film Production he then took a state to write their own films and become an actor during his work of inspiration he gained an experience to work with a social campaign from KeMoja which was training the community he then joined as stage presenter and stage performer in the very same year they decided to register their own Foundation Company and he become a member of My School, My Planet ,My Village a huge SA fundraiser in the Country he worked with a number of school contributing with his work of arts ,IT support ,fundraising ,social caring events planning. When he see his work going through he never stop empowering community he also got involved in community projects ,women empowerment and business development. He then work with local musical artist go around hosting events of showing up their talents and training actors under his state "Today's youth is tomorrow’s future"


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