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Fukwan Moore

Bronx, United States


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In this tuff and difficult world some people look for music to be their escape. Every now and then there is an artist on the rise with a unique set of skill, vision, and unique style. That artist is known as Fukwan Moore. Born Frankie Moore 29yr old from Long Island in east meadow hospital 1986 left when he was 3yrs of age with his mother Kim McCullough and his old bro Harold Thompson to the state of south carolina Fukwan Moore was surround by music all of his life and the streets . At the age of 15 Fukwan Moore had came face to face with multiple life scaring situations and decided it was time for his life to take a new direction, and that direction led him straight to the studio. His first true studio experience was brought about by his older brother Harold Thompson aka Prince the don who introduced Fukwan to one of sc most influential underground producers Kevin Hemingway ,aka, Big Kev who taught him how to produce and let him use his studio in Georgetown section of Sc and r

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