The Ears, Eyes and mouth to the Nocturnal side of Toronto!


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I was born and born and raised in Montreal to a single parent household. My mother tried her best with me but from a teenager I was infatuated with the nightlife and the hustle. Along with that I watched legends like LL Cool J and Big Daddy Kane who inspired me to get into rapping. Through rapping I got to open for some of my heroes like The Roots and Mobb Deep.  
That rap dream brought me to Toronto in 1997 and over the years I've co-founded my independent label AWOL Records Inc. and managed and executive produced many artist and projects. I've had a cross Canada street team, a distribution deal with E1 where AWOL was able to release the Classic LP "Get It" by the legendary super group Empire. Shortly after the release of Get It however, my street ties caught up to me and I was incarcerated and sent to the federal penitentiary.  
Upon my release my passion never died. I continued to release project after project telling my street stories of the nightlife as well as my fights with the demons of a recovering alcoholic. All while trying to find my voice and the right way to paint this picture, I've opened my life like the pages to a dark novel. The picture that brings you into the underworld of Toronto and Montreal. The things that happen after hours. The stories of a hustler's experience and the all of the joy, pain and sometimes unsaid things. The 4am stories of the city brought to you from my Nocturnal mind, are you ready?


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Cold The 1st single off the Nocturnal LP dropping early 2016. Produced by Studio Gigant Redeye Productions (SGRP), Cold is a build up of emotions and exhaustion from grinding so hard to keep all of the multitude of my responsibilities to my mother and myself together. It's a purging of all of the thoughts that go through my mind while I'm driving the various highways in the GTA. In addition it's an realization that my heart has become Cold as a result of the years of hustling and pain.

Directed by Sid "Gramps" Melo for Scattered Children Films Song Produced by Phat Tony  “Highs/Lows,” the moody and hook-filled reflection on life before sobriety from Toronto rapper and street veteran Friday AKA Ricky Dred. After almost a year of silence spent working on his therapeutic blog, The Sober Emcee, Friday recently came out of a self-imposed musical retirement. “Highs/Lows” is the third single from Friday's third LP, Nocturnal (AWOL/Urbnet), due out in early 2016.

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The Ears, Eyes and mouth to the Nocturnal side of Toronto!