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French Loki

Dordrecht, Netherlands


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About French Loki

I am a hip-hop artist who makes from the soul to the world. Let's connect thru the music.

Hailing from French Quarter, Saint Martin. Born January 03, 1995. Kareem, known professionally as French Loki, is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and entertainer. French Loki was inspired to become a rapper at the age of 7 when he first heard The Notorious BIG’s album “Ready to Die”.
French Loki recently released his highly anticipated mixtape “The Rise of French Loki” which is a mixture of Caribbean music and American music. A week after the release of his mixtape he announced that he is already working on his next mixtape due to release on the 27th of January 2017.
He has also been a collaborator with other Dutch Caribbean artists such as PapiaNix, Lil Ty, Jay Julian, Denzel Muzik and more. Being the only English artist on the island of Aruba, he hopes to achieve international fame and bring attention to his hometown city of French Quarter, French Saint Martin and the beautiful island of Aruba. He has performed at multiple events on the island and is surely making a name for himself.
French Loki is on a mission to change the world throughout his music and to inspire people to follow their dreams no matter where they are from or the situation they are in. With his new mixtape that will soon be available on every music blog, French is looking to dominate the world.

Showcase tracks

Music off my latest mixtape. New tunes soon come