FREAKJ is a 18 years old Dj/Producer from Portugal that still has performances in various clubs in your country, Portugal.
It all started around 2011 but for him it was not enough and therefore decided to start in production for about 2 years and has so far released tracks like "Glorious", "Panther" and "Force" by Dablio Records "Busted" by Omnir Records, "DOOM" the Powerful Records, "Warfare" by the Hungarian label Declosed Records, "Overload" by Italian label CLAW Records, "Bassline" by the Swiss label 5howtime Music and "Iguana" by Free Recordings seeing so be played and supported by artists as Sander van Doorn, KURA, Diego Miranda, Mashd N Kutcher, Pete Tha Zouk, Angemi, Club Banditz, WAO, D-Stroyer, MENASSO, Kerafix & Vultaire, Hugo Rizzo, Digital Militia, Macbass, Energy System, PartyJunkies, Dan Maarten, Sershes, David Souza, among others ... With his track "Warfare" saw be selected for two music compilation albums: "Dance Dance Dance, Vol.2: Favorite Bundle Of Clubs" and "Electro Progressive Afterhour EDM For Lovers ". With the track "Overload" got an entry in the compilation "Claw In Amsterdam".
With his effectiveness on the decks and with his genre of music that puts any audience dancing was invited by a Dutch producer to let your record on a weekly radioshow of that, and a Portuguese electronic music page to make his mark on an episode of this radioshow.
FREAKJ also has his own radioshow titled "Freak It Up" where every week publishes an episode with all kinds of music in their favorite genre of music, also having space for demo submitted of other incoming artists, a choice of a track has left a mark in the history of house music and also has room for suggestions from his fans and followers.

FREAKJ is by now an artist on the rise, which only 18 years old, managed to take their music to various parts of the world, it is expected so a successful future in terms of production and djing.


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