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Fogaz Boy Biography
Fogaz Boy Own Name (Abel Ananias Mucambe) Born on January 28, 1990 in the City of
Maputo (Mozambique) attended school in the Boquisso Primary School,
and Secondary School on 12
October in Hulene. And began with his career Musical in 2007, when he wanted to enter FAMA
SHOW, and failed…from there he launch his first Musica in BH Studios in his Zone in Huleni, (the
Remix African Queen) True Queen, had 26,000 likes on youtube, and 55. 998 likes on facebook, on
In 2009 he moved to South Africa where he got more knowledge’s, which now does Videos editing,
Music blog posts, and the site is, in southern
Join with another group called Maguijani, where they got ideas about Music, Fogaz Boy was more
Forward because he has a lot of knowledge, he draws Graphic Design Posters, disc cover, DVDs,
Video editor,
In 2010 stopped going after the music started working to get money of material he wanted and
Succeeded, stopped working opened its Internet cafe in 2014,
Returned to his musical career, sang the Music Kokwani Wanga (My Grandfather) Ft MJ Magrinho in 2015,
Came to record another Musica (Himani na Ahlaya swaku Nitathlasa) who performed in the Stage,
One of the most prized Music in all of his Music.
In 2016 came to record another Music Ft paul rasta Nkanta Hinganibswela that also had many Fans.
And in February of 2016 He sang A Music with Rapper Clemy titled * Nilekaleswi *(Im Dope) that counted
With more than 5000 Downloads.. Have more than 1k of Facebook Likes and more than 1m Comments
This Music * Speaks Of Dress Style, * Nilekaleswi * Means..What I Dressed Well.. * I’m Dope * I'm Cool *
And in the same year he released Music with Old Man of his 45 years the Abilito Biliane ... With the title
Nidjozisi Lirhandzu .... * Teach me how to love *
All songs were well received in the National Radios of Maputo and South Africa...
The songs of the Fogaz boy are made in the mother tongue ** Shangana * Tsonga ** but the same are good and
With high quality ... and the listeners receive with great pleasure...
On December 22, 2016 he went to put his songs on Tv Mana Moçambique ... the fans liked his songs very much.
Hooks in this case Bars...
And on the 23rd of December he was releasing his album in his area Matola Town of Boquisso ....
The disc was sold successfully liked and asked for more.......
2017 had a Partnership with Radios Noticias do Vale From Brasil ... Radio received Works of Fogaz
Boy ... they liked to spend the Music on Radio.... and on March 1st were interviewed Fogaz Boy ... a
Interview went very well all listeners gave me strength.... Thanks to the Announcer Jodel Santana and
Vivian Moura Perroni and the entire Radio Do Vale Team....
And in 2017 he made a Music dedicated to his Woman ... Titled * NAKUDJULA * which means
(I want you) this song also had several shares, good wishes, and many
And on day 5 I contacted another Radio in Brasil Called ... Radio Nosso Vale ..
I was trying to get lucky ... but the staff helped me very well and they answered my messages a lot
Well ... and they said to send my Works....


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