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This track takes elements from the future bass genre and combines it with my vast knowledge of deep house and future house. I combined real drum samples with that 'sound' most commonly heard in future bass and pop tracks in order to create my own spin on things! Hope you like it!

Posted 11 months ago
Owned by Ryder


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danskio 10 months ago

Love the build ups. The drop comes in hard as well. I feel like the mix is a bit muffled or muddy for some reason, not sure why. For me, the vocal works well at this tempo. Overall, great concept!

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FODE 10 months ago

Yeah I had previous feedback about the muddy mix but couldn't find where it was, thinking it was in the leads somewhere looking back at it haha, thanks a lot for the really useful feedback my man!

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Tobi 1 year ago

Nice FX on intro! Gets the attention! Nice sweep FX.

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FODE 1 year ago

Thanks a lot man! Really appreciate the feedback!

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