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The track originally produced in 2015 for one of my courses, when studying Audio Engineering at the "Deutsche Pop Akademie" in Hamburg.
My good friend and artist called Dex wrote the lyrics and sang the vocals.
I produced the instrumental and we worked together on the vocal production.

The track was chosen as the winner-song for the competition "Campus Compilation 2016". At that time I mixed the Song and it got mastered by somebody else for the purpose of the Campus Compilation CD.

Now I felt like it was time to do a Remastering and mixed the song again.
I would love to hear your feedback. You can still listen to the old Version from 2016 on Spotify. I hope you enjoy the new Version "Remastered 2019".

Producing & Mixing: Florian Boden
Remastering: Mixing & Mastering - Florian Boden (2019

Posted 1 year ago
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