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This is a Heavy Metal song that I wrote inspired by a funny fact... Some time ago I wrote a sentence in german on my MSN status just by joke. I wanted people to think "what the hell does it means?" and wonder if that was some famous german writer or philosopher sentence. I made that because so many people often write profound sentences on their status and I wanted to joke with that. The sentence is "Ich mag Soda und Süßigkeiten" which simply means "I like soda and candy". This phrase caused some polemics among me and my friends, it was so funny! We joked a little about that and this fact inspired me to write a song about that. The lyrics is just "Ich mag Soda und Süßigkeiten" and of course is a joke, but I engage myself so much, put myself so much in the song while writing the instrumental part that this part became a serious thing, a serious composition. Hope you all enjoy!

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