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Germany, Australia

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About FL2C

2 producers from opposite sides of the globe collaborate on ideas, stems and mixes to make original tracks and remixes of other artists

Kris Behrendt - production and release aliases - miami space station, cosmic box, MRp, metrrorock, metrro rock, the metrrorock project, metrrorock projekt.
Paul Fletcher- media artwork , animation and experimental music, short films, drums for Essendon Airport, soundtracks for independent films

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some more recent FL2c Remixes and Original Tracks

Latest Ambient, Chill, Warped,Doom, Re-mixes and Original work from Paul Fletcher "Edmundio"

Music Videos for other Artists: Karl Kling- DigitalCompost Remix, Tatonic

FL2C music video for "Soft solid rain" ambient soundscape