I go by Fission but my real name is Nathanael Thomas. From the age of 15, I have been heavily and sincerely pursuing my love for music. I got inspired by Zedd to make electronic music and grew quickly as I listened to Madeon, Porter Robinson, Haywyre and many other inspirations. Originally I wanted to be a computer scientist but my passion for music overthrew that idea. The creative process is a big part for me and I never use presets because I have to create my identity. Music to me is not limited to bpm or structure. I make whatever I feel at the moment. My goal as a producer is to spread a positive message through my music. I strongly believe music is therapeutic to the mind. I will never stop doing these things which I love. With the experience I have and continue to gain I know I will be recognized as one of the most influential persons in electronic music.


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I enjoyed making this song. I mixed various genres like House, Calypso, Gospel, and Future Bass to create something that I believe is unique.

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