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Wallgrin is the experimental art-pop solo project of composer, violinist, and vocalist Tegan Wahlgren. With a background in choral singing and Celtic fiddling, Wahlgren has evolved into the mutant, undiscovered bird species she always intended to be. Now, Wallgrin delves into the space between extremes of beauty and dissonance, expressed through layers of strings and exploratory human vocals on her track "Ae'aea" for the File Under: Music "One Song at a Time" music video singles series. We'd love to see how much further this track can mutate!

Posted 2 years ago
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Stems (6)

Ae'aea - ambience stems performed by Wallgrin
Ae'aea - drum stems performed by Wallgrin on Drums
Ae'aea - string stems performed by Wallgrin on Strings
Ae'aea - synth stems performed by Wallgrin on Synth
Ae'aea - vocal harmony stems performed by Wallgrin on Vocals
Ae'aea - vocal melody stems performed by Wallgrin on Vocals


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