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Skye Wallace wanted to make folk music punk again, and in doing so found instead of telling a story about fictional characters, she was actually writing about herself. "Not Ready For This To Start" is about this confrontation. First track released in File Under: Music's "One Song at a Time" video singles series. Check out more at fileundermusic.com.

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by File Under: Music


Stems (8)

ACOU performed by Skye Wallace on Guitar
AUX Harmony on Vocals
BASS performed by Alastair Whitehead on Bass
ELEC performed by Ben Doerksen on Guitar
Harmony VOX performed by Skye Wallace on Vocals
LEAD VOX performed by Skye Wallace on Vocals
Not Ready For This To Start Drums Only performed by Brad Kilpatrick on Drums
STRINGS performed by Michelle Faehrmann - cello, Rachael Cardiello - viola on Strings


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