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NOT FINAL VERSION, check our soundcloud.

Track will be available for free on our Soundcloud after the contest judging is over, give us a follow:


The bipolar essence of this remix will have you really Feeling the Vibes, flowing piano and choir sections leading down a rabbit hold of atmosphere before you hit the bottom with the drop. You open your eyes and yet, blackness, although you feel no pain, the gritty synths and atmospheric elements keeping you safe, body moving to the beat, you question your sanity but dance till you pass out. Your eyes awaken to the sound of a distant piano, you follow it even tho darkness surrounds you. Its getting louder as you get closer to the source, your heart starts racing as you see lights, you step out of the darkness onto the dancefloor as the familiar song moves into the buildup and you know whats coming, you ready yourself, and like a rush of euphoria, everything drops.

Posted 3 years ago
Owned by Harlow Harvey


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Feels & Vibes 2 years ago

Full Finished Version available on our Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/feelsandvibesmusic/feelinglikemyselfremix

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KaythX 3 years ago

good job guys

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Feels & Vibes 3 years ago

Hey man! Much thanks <3

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Bridges NMCN 3 years ago

our dream explanation is giving perfectly the sense at the song!!!! check my funky attempt here if you've got any sparetime https://skiomusic.com/peppe-di-dio/harlow-harvey-feeling-like-myself-feat-paige-morgan-bridges-nmcn-remix


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