SoundCloud Importer

Learn more about importing your tracks from SoundCloud

Can I connect more than one SoundCloud account to SKIO?

Unfortunately you can only connect one SoundCloud account at a time, however, you can switch between as many accounts as you would like.

Can I disconnect my SoundCloud at a later time?

Yes, you can disconnect your SoundCloud at anytime. Just keep in mind that once you do, you will no longer be able to access or display your fan analytics.For more information on fan analytics check out: “Why do I need fan analytics?”

Can I import my Bootlegged Remixes from SoundCloud?

Uploading a track to SKIO must be done by the rights owner or with explicit permission from all necessary parties (ie. record labels, rights collective agencies, publishers, songwriters, etc.). If you have the rights to your song, you are welcome to upload it to SKIO. For more information on who can upload a track to SKIO, please read our Terms of Use.

Can I import songs from my SoundCloud to SKIO?

Yes, if you would like to show off something you’ve worked on, you can always import your trackfrom your SoundCloud so it shows up on your SKIO profilfe. To give it an extra boost, from the edit profile menu you can choose which Showcase tracks will be displayed in the “About” section of your profile.

I used the SoundCloud import tool, why isn't my song showing up on SKIO?

To ensure the highest quality audio, we only accept .wav and .mp3 file types when importing from SoundCloud. If your SoundCloud track contains a file type other than one of those, you will have to upload your master audio separately.

If I disconnect my SoundCloud account, will my songs still be available on SKIO?

Yes, you can disconnect your SoundCloud at anytime without losing the tracks that you have already imported. However, you will lose your ability to showcase your fan analytics. For more information on fan analytics check out: Why do I need fan analytics?

What information will you be collecting from my SoundCloud?

SKIO can only see information that is already made publicly available, including: Your public track list Your artist name and profile picture Information on your fanbase That’s it! Want to know why we display fan analytics? Read more here: Why do I need fan analytics?

Why can't I see my song in the SoundCloud import list?

Check to make sure that you have uploaded your track and that it’s not a repost. Then make sure your track is publically available. SKIO can not see tracks that are not yours or tracks that you have made private.

Why should I connect my SoundCloud?

“Good question. Connecting your SoundCloud allows you to quickly import your songs, saving you time. Most importantly connecting your social accounts (SoundCloud and Facebook) gives you access to your fan analytics.Here are three reasons why fan analytics are important: Labels use SKIO to find new talent to sign. One of the ways they look to see if you’re a good fit is by checking your fanbase analytics. Artists look for collaborators on SKIO. Many artists do strategic collaborations, and want to connect with people who have a different fanbase from their own. Learn about your own fanbase. By connecting your accounts, you can learn important information on your fans, such as, where your music is most popular and how fast you’re gaining new fans.”