SKIO Store

Frequently asked questions about the SKIO Store

Are the prices in the SKIO Store competitive?

Yes, the prices in the SKIO Store are guaranteed to be the best available. If you see a better deal available from another retailer on something you purchased from SKIO (within 10 days) and can prove it, get in touch with us and we’ll make it right. Email

Can I get a refund for digital products purchased from the SKIO Store?

Generally, no. Digital products sold in the SKIO Store, which include serials and license keys for music creation software, or download links to sample packs, are non-refundable.

Can I purchase items in the SKIO Store with SKIO Store Credit alone?

Yes, you can use your SKIO Store Credit to purchase items in the SKIO Store. Simply use the available credit balance in your account during the checkout process towards the purchase of any item.

How can I access the SKIO Store?

You can access the SKIO Store by visiting the SKIO website and clicking on the “Store” tab or going to

How can I spend my SKIO Store Credit?

You can spend your SKIO Store Credit on future purchases in the SKIO Store. You credit balance will show up in the navigation bar when you are logged into your SKIO account and you can choose to use any credit balance you have available during the checkout process.

How do I earn SKIO Store Credit?

For every item purchased from the SKIO Store, members will earn 10% - 30% of their purchase back in SKIO Store Credit. Members can spend the credit on future purchases and even buy stuff for free.

How do I know if an item is available for SKIO Store Credit purchase?

You can use SKIO Store Credit towards the purchase of any item in the SKIO Store.

How does purchasing from the SKIO Store benefit the SKIO Community?

Buying from the SKIO Store means you will get the best price, the highest rewards, and you will be supporting the SKIO Community by enabling the small SKIO team to keep creating more opportunities for artists. The small commissions from each sale help ensure SKIO can stay independent and operating for the benefit of over 650,000 artists and producers around the world, and hopefully many more in the future!

How much SKIO Store Credit will I earn for each purchase?

The amount of SKIO Store Credit earned for each purchase varies but is usually between 10% - 30%.

What is the SKIO Store?

The SKIO Store is an online retail music store for plugins, instruments, music software, sample packs, and music creator tools. It was designed for music producers and artists in the SKIO community. Other then having amazing prices and insane rewards, the SKIO Store is unique since we leverage our massive network of industry relationships and the size of their global community to secure the best deals and discounts on studio gear and creator tools for the artists in our Community.

What items are available for purchase in the SKIO Store?

The SKIO Store offers a wide range of items, including plugins, instruments, music software, sample packs, and music creator tools. We are always adding to our inventory so keep a look out for new products and big savings. Feel free to let us know if there’s something you want to see in the store, just email us at