Privacy & Security

Understanding how we are creating a safe environment for music professionals

Can anyone remix my songs on SKIO?

No, not unless you want them to. On SKIO, content owners maintain control over their music, any remix requests must be approved by the owner(s) before a license is granted and files are transferred to the ‘remixer’.

Can I share my songs privately or do all my uploads need to be publicly available on SKIO?

Currently, all uploads to SKIO, once posted, become publicly available on our Discovery page. We are currently working on adding private song sharing to our platform so keep an eye out for this functionality being implemented in the coming months.

Do I have to sync my SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook artist pages to my SKIO profile?

No, it is not required. But when you sync your accounts to your profile, fan base analytics are available which will increase your chances of making remix and collaboration deals with the community.

Will my information be sold to Advertisers?

No. We do collect select information on SKIO users in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, however.