Original Song Contests

Information about Original Song Contests and competing on SKIO

Can I collaborate with other musicians on my original song submission to a SKIO contest?

Yes, you can collaborate with other musicians on your original song submission to a SKIO contest. Please make sure to list all collaborators in the details or song comments when uploading your submission.

Can I submit a cover song to a SKIO original song contest?

No, SKIO original song contests are for original music only. If you would like to see Cover Contests on SKIO in the future, let us know!

How are the winners chosen in original song contests?

The winners of original song contests are chosen by SKIO A&Rs who evaluate the submissions based on a proprietary rating system that considers both creative and technical merits of each song. After each song is rated, the SKIO A&R’s will select the winners from among the top rated submissions.

How do I know if my original song was accepted for a SKIO contest?

Once you submit your original song to a SKIO contest, you will receive an email confirmation that your song has been received. If your song is accepted, it will be added to the contest page.

How do I submit my original song to a SKIO contest?

To submit your original song, navigate to the contest page and click the “Enter Contest” button. Follow the instructions and upload your original song to SKIO. You can also select “Upload Song” from the drop down menu in the navigation bar, pick the file you want to upload and choose your Contest from the “Upload To” menu which will show a list of all contests you entered.

How is the order of the songs on the contest page determined?

The order of songs in the playlist on the Entries tab of a Contest is determined by the amount and speed of activity, such as likes, plays and comments the submission recieves. This list will not determine the winner of the contest, since all submissions are listened to and ranked based on quality, and the final winners are picked by the SKIO A&R team.

How many original songs can I submit to a SKIO contest?

Typically you can only submit one song to each contest. However we may introduce new contest formats in the future. Please refer to the specific rules and guidelines of the contest you are interested in.

My song is stuck in processing, what do I do?

If you are uploading a song or remix and it looks like it is stuck in processing, please wait a few mins and try refreshing your browser. Also to reduce the chance of any issues, make sure you are using a laptop or desktop computer and not a mobile device. If that didn’t work it doing the following help:

  1. Make sure your browser is up to date
  2. Restart your browser and try uploading again
  3. Upload wav aduio files
  4. Wait a couple hours and try again (if there was an issue with one of our servers it would probably have been resolved if you wait a bit)

If none of that works and you are still getting stuck in processing, send us an email at artistrelations@skiomusic.com and we’ll try our best to sort things out.

Who can enter SKIO original song contests?

SKIO original song contests are open to anyone who creates original music and is at least 13 years old, unless otherwise specified in the rules of a specific contest.

Who will own the rights to my original song that I submit to a SKIO contest?

You retain all ownership rights to your original song. However, if you do not own the copyrights to your song, or if you have used unlicensed samples in your original song, you entry will be refused as it does not comply with the Contest Rules. Please make sure to read the rules and guidelines carefully before submitting.

Why do some contests have submission limits?

Some contests on SKIO have submissions limits, this means there is a cap on the number of submissions before the contest closes. Limits on submission are in place for either a strategic reason or simply because an artist or label running a contest on SKIO will want to ensure someone on their team can realistically go through every submission when picking the winners. SKIO, together with our contest partners, strives to run contests with a high degree of integrity and this means we don’t want labels or the team responsible for reviewing the submissions getting flooded with too many songs they can’t possibly review them in a reasonable time. For this reason, most contests do not have a submission limit, and when limits are in place the amount of accepted submissions can vary.

Why should I enter a SKIO original song contest?

Entering a SKIO original song contest is a great way to gain exposure, connect with other musicians, and potentially win prizes. Additionally, SKIO original song contests provide valuable feedback and ratings from industry professionals.