Negotiations & Agreements

What to expect when negotiating and creating agreements on SKIO

How and when do cash payments occur?

The transfer of funds for deals that include cash payment will occur after a remix is uploaded and approved by the content owner. It is important to remember that under our agreements, the rights do not transfer until full payments have been received by the respective party. For any further questions concerning payments, please contact us at

How does it work if there are several band members who need to be involved in negotiations?

We recommend setting up a SKIO account that all members of your band have access to, or designating one member to represent your band’s interests in remix and collaboration deal negotiations.

How is the remixer's portion of the royalty split affected if several people are involved in the original song (i.e. Songwriters)?

In our agreements, the royalty is split between the “owner” and “remixer”. If there are multiple people that make up the original “owner” of the content, they will split the “owner’s” share of the royalties in an agreement, and “remixer” will be entitled to the “remixer” portion of royalties.

What happens if there is a cash payment in the agreement but I don’t accept the remix?

Cash payment funds may only be transferred after the remix is approved by the original content owner. If you are the content owner and do not accept the remix, you can ask the remixer to make revisions until you are ready to approve it.

What kind of royalties does the Deal Agreement refer to - performance or mechanical?

Currently, our agreements refer to net profits.

Will the owner of the original song’s publishing rights also have ownership of the publishing rights of the remix?

All ownership in our agreements, including ownership of the newly-produced remix, are retained by the owner of the original content.