Instant Remix Licensing

Streamline your selling process with Instant Remix Licensing

Could an Instant Remix License clear the rights to my bootlegged remix?

Yes! If the song is up for licensing on SKIO you can purchase an Instant Remix License for it.

The steps would look like this:

Step 1: Purchase the Instant Remix License.
Step 2: Submit your remix to the rights owner.

That’s it - you’re golden :)

How can I remove my track from the Instant Remix Marketplace?

To remove a track from the Instant Remix marketplace, simply switch it from “Public” to “Private”.

  1. Go to the “My Tracks” page
  2. Select “Edit” on the track you want to take off the marketplace
  3. Scroll down to “Sharing Settings” and select “Private”

That’s it!

How does SKIO pay me for Instant Remix License sales?

All payments are deposited into your SKIO account and you may withdraw at any time there is a balance over $100.

Here’s how:

  1. Select “Transaction History” to see your SKIO Account
  2. Select “Request Withdrawal”
  3. Select PayPal or Wire Transfer and input your information.

That’s it!

How much do people usually charge for their tracks?

Many artists have seen success by charging between the $2 to $6 range, but how you decide to price your track is completely up to you. That said, some artists allow their track to be licensed for free, in order to increase their number of remix submissions.

If I own the rights to the songs, do I have to list out the other performers?

Yes, it is best practice to list out the performers even if you have the rights. SKIO will be adding attributions in the future but for now, add the other artists into the “Artist Name” in the track descriptions.

My track was posted. Why can’t I find it in the Marketplace?

It may take a few minutes for your track to show up. If you have waited more than five minutes and have refreshed the page and it still doesn’t come up, you may not have signed and accepted the Instant Remix agreement between you and SKIO.

For more information, see “Why do I need to sign a contract to set up my Instant Remix License?”

What are the SKIO fees and why?

To sell on the Instant Remix marketplace there is a one-time fee of $60 which is being waived for a limited time.

Selling an instant remix license:
SKIO fee: 30%
Artist keeps: 70%
On a $2 track: Artist: $1.40, SKIO: $0.60

What happens to my track if I don’t sign the Instant Remix Agreement?

Once you sign and accept the contract, your track will be added to the Instant Remix marketplace. Until then, your track will still be available for people to remix via Custom Licensing.

Questions about Custom Licensing?

What is an Instant Remix License?

Licensing tracks on SKIO gives content owners the ability to promote and monetize their content in a new way while discovering talent and adding to their catalogue. The Instant Remix License is a two step deal that allows rights owners to keep control of their music while clearing the rights for artists to share their remixes.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Artists gain the rights to remix the track (AKA private use) upon purchasing the Instant Remix License.

Step 2: Artists deliver their remix to the rights owner, activating the second part of the deal. Sharing! Now they can share their remix on the media platforms outlined by the rights owner in the deal terms.

Who can remix my track?

Any SKIO member can purchase a license to remix your track once in the marketplace. But you set the terms on where they can share it.

Who owns the remixes?

SKIO’s standard terms outline that original rights owners will retain 100% ownership over all remixes made.

If you decide that you would like to share the rights to a remix, you can do so by editing the standard terms in the Custom License.

Learn more about the Custom License.

Why do I need to sign a contract to set up my Instant Remix License?

Only SKIO partners can sell on the Instant Remix marketplace. In order for you to become a SKIO partner, we need you to state who you are and that you own the rights to the content you licensing.

If you are not the rights owner you must have the necessary permission to upload on the rights owner’s behalf.

Why is my track available for custom deals when I selected “Instant Remix”?

Until you have signed and accepted the contract between yourself and SKIO, your song will only be available for Custom Deals.

To finish the final step and to activate your Instant Remix License go to “My Deals” and select the deal you would like to complete. Fill in your legal information and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign and accept.

Why should I make my track available for remixing?

Having your track remixed is a great way to add to your catalogue, to gain exposure and to build a network of creators and collaborators.

Add to your catalogue: SKIO’s standard terms outline that original rights owners not only keep the rights to their own track, but also the rights to all remixes made. Meaning more content for your catalogue.

Gain exposure and promotion: Expand your reach as artists share their remix of your track and gain exposure to fanbases that are outside your own.

Build a network of creators and collaborators: As the remix is delivered back to you, it creates an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with artists from around the world that you are inspired by and respect.

To learn more about SKIO Licenses, check out Instant License FAQ and Custom License FAQ