Getting Started

Some quick tips to get you going

Can I share my completed remix on social media?

With SKIO’s Instant Remix we have pre-cleared the rights with the track owner to share your completed remix on social media. Each Instant Remix may include the right to share on different social media channels. When you purchase an Instant Remix the social media channels that you can share on will be posted on the track page and at check out. If you are interested in getting the rights to make a remix and share on social media check out some of our top tracks to remix here. To learn more about SKIO Instant Remix click here.

When negotiating the rights to remix a track using the “Send Proposal” button, you must request the right to share on social media and the platforms that you wish to promote the completed remix on. To learn more about how to negotiate a remix click here.

Does the track owner have control over where the remixer shares the remix?

A remix created on SKIO may only be shared on social media channels with the permission of the original content owner. If you wish to allow the remixer to share their completed remix on social media you can specify this in the terms you set in the remix agreement.

What is SKIO Music?

SKIO Music is a music licensing platform and collaboration community that allows you to remix and get remixed. If you’re a producer/DJ who is interested in making remixes you can browse our collection of tracks and get the rights to remix them. If you’re an artist, musician or label who wants their tracks remixed you can upload them to SKIO and connect with our community of producers who are eager to make remixes.