Getting Started

Some quick tips to get you going

Does it cost money to join SKIO?

It is free to sign up for SKIO Music, and there are no hidden fees or charges. However, there are certain features and services that may require payment, such as purchasing song feedback, signing up for a premium membership or buying plugins, samples and music products or services from the SKIO Store.

How can I find other producers, artists or record labels on SKIO?

You can find otther producers, artists or record labels on the SKIO app by browsing the contest pages or searching for specific songs or profiles from the search tool in your navication bar. You can filter by genre, tempo key and more inlcuding location (eg: the name of a city or country will be detected by our search).

How can I sign up?

To sign up for SKIO Music, go to the SKIO Music homepage ( and click the “Join” or “Get In” button. You will be prompted to create an account by providing your name, email address, and password. Once you have created an account, you can start exploring the platform and using its basic features completely for free. And it only takes a few minutes to set up.

How do I listen to other remixes or tracks on SKIO?

You can listen to other remixes or tracks on the SKIO app by browsing the contest pages or searching for specific artists or tracks. You can filter by genre, tempo key and more.

How do I use SKIO to make remixes?

To make remixes using SKIO Music, you can browse through the available remix contest opportunities and decide which song you want to remix once you have logged into your SKIO account. Enter the contest for free and download the stems from the contest page. Next, once you have the stems, you can use your preferred music production software to create your remix. When you are done, you can upload your remix to SKIO Music and submit it for consideration in the remix contest.

What are the benefits of joining SKIO?

Joining SKIO Music provides many benefits, including access to the best opportunities to win prizes and get discovered. As part of a global community of music creators, you can use SKIO’s tools and resources to help you hone your skills, produce more music and promote your work. On SKIO you will also find a constant stream of new contests and collaboration opportunities with the ability to be heard by some of the top artists, managers and record labels in the world. Take advantage of the massive discounts on plugins, samples, preset, DAWs and more from the SKIO Store. With every purchase you will earn SKIO Credit to save even more money next time. Participate in SKIO original song and remix contests and you could join thousands of artists who have already won amazing prizes like plugins, sample packs, SKIO Store credit, artist exposure opportunities and even chances to get your remix officially released.

What does SKIO mean and where does it come from?

This is a great story, and perhaps one day we will share the full tale with all of you. But for now, here’s what we’ll say… The name SKIO was inspired from an old story in Norse mythology about a mysitical boat with a smiliar name (only much longer). As the story goes, this boat would guide it’s crew to wherever it was they needed to go. It would protect those on board from harm and deliver them to their “promised land” so to speak, even if they didn’t know exactly where they needed to go. The concept of proving a safe and nurturing envornment for artists while helping guide them to their destiny resonated with the SKIO founders. And the rest is history…

What is SKIO Music and who is it for?

SKIO Music is an exciting music platform designed for artists, producers, and songwriters. We host the best contests in the industry and provide creators with a store to find the biggest discounts and deals on plugins, samples and more. We help our community of creators hone their skills, have fun, and support one another. With over 650,000 producers already signed up on our platform, SKIO Music is the place to be to get your music heard and discovered by a wider audience. Join our community to access the best opportunities, win prizes and get noticed as an artist. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced professional, SKIO Music has something for everyone.