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Hearing the title of the song "Float", I pictured clouds and a feeling of weightlessness. I tried to incorporate that into my remix with lots of delay and reverb and giving it a chill atmosphere with some warm synth pads. For the drums I was inspired by some of Ephixa's and Xilent's tracks, giving it a steady steppy rhythm. Although taking this inspiration for the beat, using complex Dubstep-style basslines was disrupting to the dreamy feel I went for, so I just stuck with a simple sub bass. Adding some organic violin and harp sounds in the end is a somewhat epic turn, before resolving into the second lead line inspired by the melody from the original song's bridge. Also, I absolutely wanted to use a vocoder on this just for fun.
Hope you like it, thanks to my brother for the kickass cover art and thank you for stopping by -FA

Posted 4 years ago
Owned by Vanguard Records



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