Fake Luv who actually used to go by his real name, started this new project a year ago just after the tragic death of his best friend, his dog and ever since then he has been making music relentlessly hoping someday it'll peak through heaven. He actually started making music in 2016 just after listening to Martin Garrix and David Guetta for hours. Since then he found various Influences like - Deadmau5, Martin Garrix, Illenium, Porter Robinson and Madeon. He doesn’t focus on making a particular genre all he focuses is on making music that triggers emotionally into the mind of a listener and turning that trigger into a happy trigger.

As his name goes his music style is just about killing the depression(using fake luv as a metaphor) out of everybody's life and making them feel better about living by getting into the same pond of dirt in which they are covered in right now.

He doesn't usually focus on tours and events, Instead, he prefers to be at home with his loved ones and making music that connects with everyone.


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