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Exsess is known to the majority of Bulgarian fans of electronic music with his specific sound that always manages to fit in with the modern varieties of electronic music. With solid bass lines it can make you bristle listening to his sets through which he manages to make people dance with smiles on their faces at a party. His career is just beginning, but he has managed to win many fans and the support of most of the elite musical artists. Purpose and perseverance are the key words of this young and fast growing DJ.

The man behind the artistic name "Exsess" is Hristo Andreev . He was born in 1990 in Sevlievo, Bulgaria. He grew up with a diverse musical taste and deliberately tried to explore the beauty of different musical genres. He began to show a serious interest in music and particularly into DJing. In 2006 Hristo increased his interests in several night clubs in Bulgaria. He started performing there and thus he was able to gain more experience, establishing himself as a good and progressive music artist who can make people have fun with a smile. In addition to music, he has been involved with a number of other activities in the field of entrepreneurship, advertising, web services, etc.

Combined with performances that he had in his home country, he was able to fit in as a guest DJ at major events, concerts, beach parties, private parties and high-level VIP clubs. He aslo deals with management of open air events during the summer. His purpose is to promote young artists in Bulgaria and abroad.

His music collection demonstrates a fine selection of pieces. He always strives for being as close as possible to the modern music trend when he plays live during his performances. There are different people with different tastes. There are those who like underground and those who like more commercial music remixed to fit in the most elegant way to the club.


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