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About this Song

This is my official submission to the Chainsmokers remix competition. The song really resonates with me, and I wanted to put my own unique twist on the instant classic! Both Illenium and the Chainsmokers have influenced my work and I wanted to blend the two styles and add in my own flare. I wanted the drop to create almost euphoric energy with big-hitting chords and powerful bassline! whilst all still having the beautiful vocals of Lennon Stella. This song represents how far I've come in my relatively short time in production and I hope I can influence people to come together with my music.

Thank you very much for listening!

Posted 12 months ago
Owned by The Chainsmokers


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Spenz 1 year ago

Nice! you have my like! Good luck :)

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Ever Aftr 1 year ago

Thank you so much man! I've had a listen to yours! Omg amazing!!! <3

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