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Es Robinski

Vancouver, Canada

Peace Love Parties

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A mobile production artist

For me, music is sacred.
That, ironically, quiet place where the world around becomes a singular blurred vision.
I am an artist driven by the passion of creation. Armed with turntables, synthesizers, effects, and an extensive library of original compositions and popular bootlegs,
I have approached my art with a holistic sort of view, hoping to better understand all aspects of music. I have taken on the role of composer, producer,
performing and recording artist, music journalist, and am currently an audio engineering intern at Vancouver's immaculate Fader Mountain Studios,
where I explore the depth and breadth of knowledge held within. I hear and feel music everywhere around us in nature,
and seek to interpret that eternal beauty through sonic storytelling, whether in a single instrument, a song, or an entire set.
For me to share even a fraction of this story with you is a delight, and I thank you for your love and support along this incredible journey!

Peace Love Parties,
Es Robinski

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