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When I first started this project, I knew that I wanted to make heavy-hitting Dubstep track out of it, while keeping the essence of the original song. First it was hard to create what I had in mind but eventually I put together a track I'm quite proud of. My aim was to write a song that goes from one point to another without having the same sections repeating over and over, making each part unique, and I think managed to achieve that.

I haven't made many remixes, and I've never released any songs before,but I think that these remix contests are perfect to learn music-writing and producing.
All in all I had a great time making this song, and I hope you'll like it!


Posted 11 months ago
Owned by Cyrus Reynolds


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Grey Salmon 1 year ago

please listen to our remix and give us feedback so we can improve. Thanks alot :)https://skiomusic.com/aive/cyrus-reynolds-when-you-call-aive-remix


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