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This is my submission for Conrank and Circus Records' remix contest.

The original song is already a heavy-hitting and pretty massive track, with lots of interesting effects and details, which grabbed my attention straight away.

My objective was to keep the darker, heavy tone, but form it to be cleaner and still keeping it heavy. Prior to this competition, I was working on a project that was aiming for what I have mentioned above, which is the entire Drop section, infused with the textures of Conrank's piece. I absolutely loved to tune and morph all the stems, they gave me lots of cool ideas and made me think outside my own boundaries. I sampled all the stems given to us, creating bass shots, risers, textures, etc. out of them. Aimed to mix and master it to streaming standards.

From the very first moment I enjoyed this remix and I am happy that this track turned out like this.
Special thanks to Circus and Conrank for the opportunity! Hope you all like it as much as I do!

Posted 7 months ago
Owned by Circus Records



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