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Native from Gran Canaria ( Canary Islands / Spain ),he always knows how to harness the sun , beach and the sea in order to get the most out of his audiences, and Emill´s evolving appreciation of the "feel good factor" when he is playing.
Djing now for over 20 years, Emill has being carrying tons of records to satisfy the clubbers in venues all over the world He started his music career at early age in the Canary Islands, influenced by several music styles mostly funky stuff, but being in Canary islands was an issue for him to find good records stores, so he decided that the best way to improve his talent on the decks with the music he liked to play was traveling to London, there he discovered a new world. Many records stores make him so exited and meanwhile his friends where touring through the city he spent days listening and buying music in Junkies , Black Market, Vinyl Adiction, and camden shops.
Luckly that on those days flying with extra weigth was not that expensive because he always came back to the island with his case full with records from Strictly Rythm, Om records, I records, Purple Music, Nervous, MAW, Azuli , Sex on Wax, Positiva and lots of white labels. Playing gigs at most famous clubs and after hours in the islands.Soon he became resident dj from various venues in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city. In 1999 Emill decided to move out from the islands, landing in Dusseldorf ( Germany ) a buzzing city in that moment,where with hard work he proved that he could play in the local scene gaining an excellent reputation with club owners and promoters. In 2001 he moved to Madrid ( Spain ) , there he studied at the SGAE music technology school where he learned music production.In 2003 Emill released his first ep under the name of S-pin Codek a project that he had together with Dj Tocadisco.The track "Respect" was charted and played for Roger Sanchez becaming a well-known track in all clubs around Spain. After this he became resident dj at the Sweet club managed by Pacha where he had the opportunity to meet with and play with international dj´s as Doc Martin, F-Communication, Silicon Soul, and plenty of the San Francisco fashionate crew at that time. In 2005 atracted for a new wave of electronic music called "Electro" he decides to move to Barcelona his lovely city, where he works at the Blanco y Negro studios for their sublabel "vendetta" and giging at the Club & Restaurant Soho and some other clubs like Becool, KGB or Macarena. In 2006 Emill start to work for Dj Tocadisco as Road Manager , involving him in to a big size tours all around the globe and coordinating artist media, marketing and management. At that time Emill de Moreu also focussed on himself and founded his own electronic music label, Tapas recordings, as well as working for the music distribution company, Sweet-n-Low. Today, Emill is based between Cologne and Canary Islands. He has been resident dj from one infamous clubs in Zurich, Supermarket , playing the City Lights Music events,sharing the buzz with artist like D-Nox & Beckers, Kaisersoizaii, Audiofly, Simon Baker, Guy J, Alex Dolbly , 16 Bit Lolitas and many more. During all this time and with all the changes that have been taken in the electronic music Emill have been always fixed to one style , house and deep house, at least in his hearth and his soul.This doesn´t mean that he can´t mix in the crowd with different music elements as Emill can be adapted to every style in any dancefloor but the most he likes is to be understood for his audience and play inteligent house music. His latest productions together with his studio mate Danito have been charted for well knowed international dj names as Dj T, Dirty Vegas, Paolo Mojo, Steve Mac, David Gausa between many others ,In 2010 he did remixes for Alex Dolbly, Danny Serrano, Hector Couto, Fog, Smalltown Collective, and bringing out releases in labels like Nervous rec, Yellow Tail, Starlight , Session Deluxe, Sutil , Suara , Circle Music, Future Audio and of course in his own imprint Tapas recordings which is creating more and more expectation with every new release.

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