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The source material for this remix was great and gave me a lot of options for the direction I could take. First off, I'm a huge fan of orchestral sounds in modern pop music and my creative process achieved a lot of synergy with Cyrus' sounds and composition. For this remix, I chose to bring the orchestra sounds to the forefront of the mix and left out the synthesizer parts entirely.

Verses: I made some loops out of my favorite audio tracks from the original composition. I put the files through some interesting processing to add a different texture. I added some of my own orchestra samples and I busted out my Ibanez bass to add some subtle bass work underneath the orchestra layers.

Choruses: I processed and rearranged the samples and then added my signature beat samples into the mix. The chorus/drop section is inspired by Oliver remixes and originals with the sixteenth-note bass synth pulse. I added my own orchestral sounds and melodies to maximize the drama and musicality. Each chorus progressively builds to the end.

Bridge: I allowed an open space for one of Cyrus' orchestral samples to do the talking. It's a really wonderful melody/progression and I felt that was the best use of the source material. The composition builds up to a final climactic ending.

This was a really fun remix to work on & I hope it goes over well with all my listeners & the judges. May the best producer win :)

Posted 4 months ago
Owned by Cyrus Reynolds


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Grey Salmon 4 months ago

please listen to our remix and give us feedback so we can improve. Thanks alot :)https://skiomusic.com/aive/cyrus-reynolds-when-you-call-aive-remix


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