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A Mexican guy, trying to be a personality over the internet. Born in Mexico City. He loves tech and music. Lover of EDM, specifically Electro and Progressive House: Daft Punk, ZEDD, deadmau5, Avicii and Oliver Heldens are his inspirations for making and buying music. He started producing music in 2010, using Garage Band and the samples included. It was then, when he knew that Electronic music will be his way of life. Now, he's trying to refine his style by experimenting with Electrohouse, House, sometimes Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Brostep, Chiptune and even Disco.


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So, here i should've wrote an amazing description on how this came to be, but, I can only say that @nine-flags and @genesisrecs invited me to remix this track, so, yeah, here it is. ---- Follow The Electroclassic @electroclassicm Follow Nine Flags @nine-flags

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