Originating from Cluj-Napoca, Romania and living in Athens, Greece, eLania’s motto is "music is what feelings sound like”.
She started her career as a music producer, by creating her own blend of electronic dance music, and her own unique sound in spring 2017. She studied classical piano from 8 years old, and later on she was a keyboard player in several bands. Music has always been her passion, and over time she composed, played and produced songs from various styles, starting from Classical music to Rock, or even cinematic music under the artist name of eLania MOV. She collaborates with songwriters and artists from various styles (from pop to hip-hop and R&B), as she is very open to any musical style that inspires her. For her own projects, during the last years, she best identified herself with the uplifting vibes of Electronic music. All these influences are noticeable in her tracks, as these combinations of elements make up her original style. She is generally inspired by nature, intense energy and feelings of happiness. Each one of eLania's tracks tells a unique story.


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I am generally fascinated by nature, which inspires most of my songs. I love the sea and the ocean, and the dolphins are the most intelligent and friendly creatures from these environments. Through this song, I am trying to describe how dolphins swim and jump through the waves, on a sunny day

In folklore, a mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Mermaids are said to be very beautiful creatures, who lured sailors with their chants and made them fall in love with them. I made this song inspired by this fascinating creature

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