Ekko and Sidetrack are brothers, Jeff and Jono Hansen. Raised in Perth, Australia, learning instruments and listening to their parents varied music collection these two got into production around 2008. Armed with an old version of Ableton and no idea what the hell a VST was they cut their teeth on a pair of PC speakers and a laptop. Seven years and a new studio later this duo have found their sound – A mixture of dancefloor, liquid, future jazz and big bass.

Over the last few years they have released music on several small labels including Interphase recordings, Breach audio & Cue recordings But last year took a big step by featuring on the Viper Recordings Summer Slammers LP. As well as producing music they have supported some of the biggest names in drum and bass including Friction, Pendulum, Shockone, Brookes Brothers and Netsky.


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