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Skellefteå, Sweden

Insomniac Convention


Sometimes I play the quiet game… sometimes I play dead… sometimes I lay on my back in a September field and listen to the earth hurtling through space… to victims shrieking at all the evil-deeds wrought upon them… then I try to sink into the light, soft, fluid grass and become a part of its mystery…

When I can bear it, I try to look ahead… but all horizons are equally galling… sometimes I think I’m going crazy… sometimes I’m my own imaginary friend…

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My first proper dubstep'ish track, though still in need of some edits to shorten it a bit!

This is part 2 of an EP I recorded over a weekend. One of my best works yet, I think.. There's some crazy breakcore-stuff going on in this one!

A track that came to exist a lonely night, or something like that! A standing bass and a rhodes piano is making out with eachother in this one..

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