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Hey everyone,

So this time round I've decided to change things up a little bit! Given that I am always signing up for competitions and almost never completing any on time (and those that I submit end up being quite rushed).

I've decided I'll be posting my track at the start of this competition and after every five days, I will come back and update the master file on here. It will be cool since not only will everyone always come back to see how far I am progressing, but I'll be forced to work on the track at least once every five days. I'm also quite open to feedback

I hope y'all enjoy this journey with me!

**Update log***

1) 8th June, 2020: Posted raw track idea {2nd of 5 ideas I developed for this remix competition}

Posted 4 weeks ago
Owned by Guster


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adu.sounds 22 days ago

The build up starting from 1:38 is really cool, and so is the final chorus/outro.

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Jack Rhythm 1 month ago

nice vibes! like the drums too, would really appreciate if you could check out my remix too, cheers :)


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