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About this Song

The original idea behind my remix was to create a house beat... but then decided to rather explore other genres.
When playing the Mini Moog (free vst), the sounds instantly inspired me to create this type of beat.
You'll notice a vinyl sound in the background as if you are playing it on a vinyl player.

All sounds are from free VST's.

Updated: Reworked the Lead Guitar.

Posted 1 month ago
Owned by Guster


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Eden 1 month ago

Good remix, I invite you to listen to my remix https://skiomusic.com/eden825/guster-when-you-go-quiet-eden-remix

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RVH.2005 1 month ago

That's cool I also made my remix in free vst's and trial version of fl studio 😉If you want check it out it I see a bigroom remix.

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Robert Hirschmann 1 month ago

Cool 80s synth pop feeling ;-)


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