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The song itself is so perfect there was nothing much I thought I do with it, the songs production by Jowst and the vocals by Chris Medina are next level
But.., coming to the point I tried my best to remix the song and all I used from the stems were the vocals by Chris
And rest of the remix production was done by me🤞😜
I hope you guys like it and ...if u like the song make sure u share it bc sharing is caring 😑

Posted 11 months ago
Owned by JOWST


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ELZURIX 7 months ago

I like your idea! I just don't know why you mentioned yourself in every song in the recent remix competition... I would listen to you even if you just said it once, anyway, great remix! :)

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BLAK LYTE 1 year ago

I hope you guys like the song 😙 I tried my best to make it sound better... and, Make sure u leave ur thoughts on my remix ✌️. Peace out..


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