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'Whine make it pop pop /nah stop ,make it drop ,let the booty drop on my *%@# ,what the %$&*, the ting bouncing' on my cocky like a pole in the spot ,whine,Drop,Rock , girl make that ass rock , and roll... Photo Credit x

Just a snippet ..."I'm on top of the world/rooftop ,high-rise/ get back ,step back /you can't mess wit my guys/ top models /pop bottles / you know what it is man/ can't reach the top if you ain't on the f'n list man / breakdown my city links all around jack/livin' for the moment/so we flying' outta town stat ..." PhotoCredit x Dose Clemente Presents

That exclusive Krew bop talk track /where arrogance trumps innocence /and might never make it back / we take risks /flip shit /buy it back /sell it twice/ shine on em /grind on em /celebrate /ain't nuttin' nice ' ... Photo Credit x (DCP)

A gritty , tale of a night out in the dark city aka "if Batman was black and had a stairwell fight scene i.e.: DareDevil season 2 " PhotoCredit x Airisa Photography