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the love is too much
so we get suck
till you forget my fault
catch me in a cage
break me with bricks
bring me back to that place

you will never belong to me, I know
I must keep them deep in my heart
but it's so hard

I am giving up
just to give it up
maybe this is love
say that it must be tough
my voice shakes again
my skin feels the pain
I cannot evade
feeling my heart's aching

stop repeating flashback
cause I cannot hold back
let me give it up
determine to escape
I am giving it up
I'm just giving it up
cannot hold it on
separate you and me

the love is heavy
I can't carry
"you need to put it down"

I will never have you for my whole life
not in my mind
you can't be found without your sound

let's end this love war
stop building walls
watching a star falls

Posted 10 months ago
Owned by DollarZwei



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