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This is my first attempt at making any remix. I tried to utilize a lot of the aspect of the song and the great voice from Desirée, and give my personal touch to it. Thanks for listening!

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Vintage Currency

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Lyyte 1 year ago

Cool future bass vibes!! Good idea with the back up vocals in the back ground. check my remix here: https://skiomusic.com/lyyte/desiree-dawson-wild-heart-lyyte-remix

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danskio 1 year ago

First remix? You did a good job on this. I think the intro could be a bit stronger, but the drop is great. Well done!

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Dnulke 1 year ago

Yes, my first one :) Heard the song and vocals of Desirée Dawson of your FB post and thought it was a perfect song to remix! Yes, I could make the intro stronger, I agree. Maybe I will refine it before the deadline. But thanks a lot for the feedback! Keeps me motivated to make more.

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Jonas Holfelt 1 year ago

Sounds wild man. Loving the breakdown


Desirée Dawson - Wild Heart

by Vintage Currency

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