Style on Fleek

Performed by Doug Locke

D min
97 bpm
D min
97 bpm

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About this Song

"Style on Fleek" is one of my favorite songs on the “Blue Heart” EP. Sonically it has both a west coast chill and a dirty south vibe. It is the party song to turn up to when getting ready to go out. It can take you to the next level when getting down at the club, and you can vibe out to it at the after party. I loved writing it because it enabled me to celebrate that swagged out, bossed up, inner bad ass that lies within all of us.

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Doug Locke

16 Stems

DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_Adlib Voxperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_Adlib Vox_Delayperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_BG Voxperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_clapperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_crashperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_FleekVoxperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_heyperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_hornperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_impactperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_kickperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_Lead Voxperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_Perc1performed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_shakerperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_synthperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_tomsperformed by Doug Locke
DL_Fleek_97bpm_stem_vox Oohperformed by Doug Locke


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