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Hi, my name is Chandler Murray A.K.A. 'DLER and I'm a born and raised Minnesota artist and I decided to write my own verse to this already amazing song. Mixed and masters all by myself and would love to work with this artist in the near future if possible. If you like my take on this song, please like and share! It would mean a lot to me. By the way, if you want to skip ahead to my verse, it starts at 2:26 and ends at 2:56. Finally, big thanks to SKIO Music and Atlantic Records for this amazing and fun opportunity. Can't wait for the next one! Lyrics below.

[Verse 3: ‘DLER]
I met a girl and she-
she meant the world to me
Perfect in every way,
But then she turned to me
With such uncertainty
And said we weren’t working
Scrolling through old post of us
Got me thinking ‘bout 2x4’s
I mean, guess she just got bored of me
Most importantly,
Gave my one hundred percent, but wouldn’t even take a forth of me
Felt horribly
Was torturing like a horror scene
Found a person better
So what? Whatever
I could tell she never

Posted 4 months ago
Owned by Atlantic Records


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Yeti Timbres 4 months ago

Nice job man! Your verse is a little thin sounding but definitely can see the potential👌🏼

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Max Madd 4 months ago

Hey 'DLER, I just liked your entry ! Make sure to follow my Soundcloud (for my music) and Instagram (for the best memes) : @maxmaddmusic Good luck in the contest and enjoy the quarantine ! 📀


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