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Yet another freestyle done in the presence of Sweat Shop Fungineer and beat maker David Knills out of the now classic "Red Line Studios" at the defunct Renegade Studios. David is a festival, club beat, soulful hiphop and, all live instrumentation that you would hear in any 80s 90s or 2000s true hiphop form while still able to create a dubstep beat to completely trash your festival zombies. Funeral Nick aka Nicholas is a battlerapper born in Vancouver with a focus on freestyle freeflow sky writing - as well as UK inspired garage verbiage focusing on the mechanics rather than the melody he creates Carefootisms the kind of freestyle that come from the painful grind of Canadian battlerap focusing on impressing upon the listener a). wheres the fucking money and b). where the dealflow at? The two together create a style that could be freestyled into a DJs headphones all while the next beat is being produced on the fly by Davids master interpretation of the instruments throughout. Hated by most, understood by few, given the time to write, and create easily the best.

Posted 2 months ago
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Dr Lord Dinosaurus Pimp 23 days ago

Thanks for listening please like and leave a less than shameless self promo plug please (cough cough).

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EASY 1 month ago

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