Do not even born when Daniel Lindner aka DJTranceBass began to listen very special music. Classical music. Even today, he is a big fan, so this valuable musical direction. Until he discovered his passion for trance. He heard that this "new" style of music has many similarities with the classical.

Many happy, but also sad melodies, bundled in combination with the beat and were composed of a fat bass drum to a danceable song. But after some time it was too boring for him and he decided to expand this / Its music.

In early 2005 it started then. DjTranceBass was launched. Until his first song and many unfinished ideas in my head it did not take long. Today, he has about 40 tracks composed and partially released.

Together with moproduction he wants to present himself and his music to the masses and provide good mood in the country and perhaps the world.

He already has some fans, but it can be determined much more ...


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