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Dj Smoke Twilight, is a trance dj producer. From Mexico city. Who have been inspired through the years, with a lot of musical successes.
In his early beginnings, he was known by the nick name dj twilight. His first records in youtube got thousands of plays in a very few months. But his name was stolen, He really loved long ago, making his own music, and he has a lot old school influences, such as Gigi D’Agostino, Paul van Dyk, Johan Gielen cosmic gate, Roger shah, and indecent noise
Once he got a radio station channel music, The radio station name was called desorden comun, and world music. He also achieved the great success in a Mexican radio station beat 100.9. In the section of free style selection that was tuned on Saturday. He got 8 stars in his mix. While other dj’s got just two stars ratting. He made it four times with the same success. And then comes the recent times…. He got a new dj name: Dj Smoke Twilight making a lot of remixes in some of web pages like skio music, and mixcloud. He got thousands of plays. In short time. So He love’s to perform live and he break’s the dance floor.


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Hi dear trance lovers, hopefully you enjoy mi whole production

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