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DJ Mobz

LA Venda, South Africa

Nubase music

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DJ at nubase music

Dj Mobz (born December 1988) is a La Venda electronic dj , designer, producer at Nubase Music.Start music in 2004 produce house music In 2013  start to produce electro music and remixed the song “ Reach_For_The_Stars_Mars" by hip hop artist, in 2015 dj Mobz release another equally famous song called "Walking Away".DJ Mobz works under  many group ( in 2005 join 3 ideas, in 2010 join Ruff Souljars, in 2014 star his own group called Nubase Music. Dj Mobz works thing many artist like Big Apple, G-boy, Free space, Flashy in venrap music, at electronic music work with DJ Leeon, Tepza, DJ Gland, G-Max from Dash boy Music" dj Mobz & G-Max produce many tracks like " Warning dark, Blessed, dash boyz music. In 2013 dj Mobz was the first electronic dj that playing electronic music every December 31 at LA Vendaz ( powerline ground) with other dj like " Edgaro , Rod" to celebrate new year. In 2015 dj Mobz release his first electronic album called " I'll never leave"

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