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Nottingham, United Kingdom


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dj inxs is and dj and producer from nottingham england

Dj INXS first discovered his talent in late 2006 at the age of 15, he started producing: bassline, grime, garage and 2 step. Then he when on the produce: hip hop, funky house, r.n.b,drum & bass and dubstep. In late 2007 Dj Likkle Dred started djing again after stopping at da age of 12 due to the fact he "didn't take it seriously." At the age of 16 Dj Likkle Dred had his first paid show @ the Shed nightclub in Leicester, then he went on the produce a lot of bassline tracks because that was his perfered genre at the time and he was classed as a bassline dj. In mid 2007 Dj Likkle Dred had a major break through in his musical career with his remix to T2's "Leeds" entitled "NOTTS" which was unsigned but played in bars and clubs all over the uk by top dj's such as Nightrate, Jamie Duggan, Dj q, Shaun "banger" Scott, and Nev Wright. Now Dj Likkle Dred is focusing on his music with a passion....TBC

Showcase tracks

This is a jackin house refix of Tough Love's So Freaking Tight which i release via sound cloud.