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Loved this track after hearing some great remixes from the guys that entered this comp. So decided to have a stab at it myself... As soon as I heard it I thought it would suit being an Avicii'esque country style house track and super feel good of course being in the key of C Major.

The mixdown isn't great as I had to fully arrange, create, mix and master then entire thing in less than a week so apologies if it's not upto standard. I would have loved more time on it but I came late to the party :(

Anyway, hope your enjoy :)

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Aash Mehta


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DR.L 1 year ago

When I heard this build up some melody inspired me a lot.I m gonna make a song with this inspiration!<3

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Harpreet 1 year ago

Nice remix.. great work. I'll be glad if u will check out mine remix.. & Don't forget to like that.. https://skiomusic.com/r/PtTa

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Dejay Pilot 1 year ago

Hey awesome track really like the vibe🔥. Best of luck 🍀 in the contest. It would mean a lot if you could listen to my Tropical 🌴 Remix of "Infinite Summers" currently at #5 on the chart there are just a few hours left and your support can make all the difference, let me know what you think and give it a like 👾. Thanks 🙏🏻


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